The building at 514 Lincoln Ave. was first built for Urban Youth Ministries, a non-profit in Holland. Urban Youth worked with children in the Urban areas of Holland. They had many programs to help youth in learning practical skills and trades. It also worked with the children in areas of family and social and spiritual aspects of life.

When Urban Youth Ministries combined with Holland Rescue Mission, the building was up for sale. This was an ideal location within easy walking distance of our facility at 494 Lincoln. GRUHOP Properties bought the building. Daystar Church was meeting in the building at the time for services on Sundays. The church continued to hold their meetings. The hall was also rented out for social events like birthdays, graduations and some musical events.

IMG_8723The office areas as well as garage areas were used by Westshore for office work and lab space. When Westshore outgrew 494 Lincoln, the decision was made to upgrade the large hall and use it as a modern production and manufacturing space.

Much work was done. Overhead electrical and air. The floor was completely redone. New offices were built. New production areas set aside. The kitchen was completely remodeled. The hand solder area was completely reworked.

We now have a very nice and efficiently laid out facility.