A first of its kind: the Tactical Throw Light (TTL)

Posted by on May 25, 2016 in General, New Products | Comments Off on A first of its kind: the Tactical Throw Light (TTL)

Westshore has helped complete a first of its kind, Tactical Throw Light. The TTL can output well over 1000 lumens and is capable of lighting an entire interior room of 40×40.  In a typical raid, a hand held or weapon mounted flashlight is used and focuses mainly in direct beams straight ahead. This Throw Light directs lighting in all directions 360 degrees around and upwards. The durability allows the deploying officer to throw, skip, or bounce the unit off walls or through windows to make it into a room without placing themselves in the line of fire or sight of a suspect(s).

The TTL has a built in accelerometer and gyroscope to detect motion and orient which LEDs to fire when it lands to direct the light where needed. This unit is less than one pound and has multiple settings to deploy after a 3 second delay with constant light or a blinding strobe pattern that will visually stun the suspect while completely illuminating his position.   This unit is also equipped with a High Intensity IR light setting for use in night vision scenarios.

Head to this webpage for more information about the TTL.